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Owning a Reda Home

Welcome to the Reda Family. We appreciate the opportunity to provide clarity regarding key aspects of the home buying process, particularly when it comes to acquiring a newly constructed home from us. Recognizing the potential complexities involved, we aim to streamline the experience and any uncertainties from the outset.

When opting for a Reda Home, you have two distinct pathways. The first option entails purchasing a spec home, wherein the dwelling is already constructed on a designated lot, with predetermined color selections awaiting its future occupants. Alternatively, the second avenue involves acquiring a presold home, an exciting journey that begins with the contractual phase, progresses through personalized color selections, encompasses the construction phase, includes a thorough buyer punch list walkthrough, culminates in a final inspection, proceeds to the closing stage, and extends into post-closing support and warranty services. While the road to homeownership may entail various stages, we assure you that the destination is both rewarding and fulfilling.

Contract Process

Reda Home Builders will build your home according to the contract that has been constructed by your agent and signed by the buyer and the builder. Please make sure you have read your contract thoroughly with your agent and that nothing is missing. A lot of information will be discussed during this time frame, and it is imperative that anything you decide on must be in the contract or it will not be valid. 

Color Selection Process

The color selection process is a fun yet overwhelming time as we will be meeting one-on-one to go over the color selections of your new home. This meeting could take anywhere from 1-2 hours and your agent must be present. We strongly encourage if you have seen any selections from any of our existing homes, please write down that lot number/ address and subdivision information and we will be able to provide that information on that specific selection.

You will have a select choice of colors to choose from for your home. You will be choosing exterior and interior colors on specific items based on the floor plan. Some items will not be selected. You are able to pick colors of the: Roof, Brick, Vinyl, Stone, Window Color, Gutter, Garage door, Front door, 1 tile, 1 mosaic tile, up to 2 paint colors, carpet, wood floors, 1 cabinet color, 1 kitchen counter top color, 1 bath countertop, Appliance within the allowance, and Lighting fixtures. Some items will be standard and are not subject to change. You will be given a copy of your selections at the end of the selection meeting; a copy must be signed by the buyer that RHB will keep on record. You will have the opportunity to review a buyer’s copy of the floor plan to make sure all changes in the contract to the floor plan are correct. The plan needs to be signed by the buyer.

If any changes are made to the floor plan or contract during selection meeting you realtor must have the changes put on an addendum, approved and signed by both the buyer and builder. Changes will not be valid until paperwork is signed by both parties. If addendums are not signed and paid in full within the allotted time frame, then that will cause the change or selection to be invalid. RHB will not be held responsible to make sure those changes are done.


Building Process

Reda Home Builders is a licensed and professional construction company, and we ask that you trust us as the builder to build your house to according to the codes and laws set forth in this area. Your home will be inspected by code enforcement many times throughout the build. All construction companies are held to a certain standard and must follow the guidelines of the code enforcement. There is a standard building schedule that we use to build all our homes. There are certain time frames that things are done. Please do not be alarmed if you are looking at the home during the building process and don’t think something is built right. New construction is not a clean and neat process. Things do not come together and look the way you might think until the home is complete.  


Buyer Punch List Walk Through

Welcome to the buyer walk through. We are in the final stretch to finishing your home. This process is designed to make sure you as a buyer are able to walk the home before closing. A representative trained to perform a walk through will be conducting this process. Doing the walk through no later than 10 business days before close is very important. RHB needs this time to make sure all repairs are done properly. It is very hard to get all contractors to show up with little notice or to get materials that may be needed in a short amount of time. Some items may take multiple day processes to repair. Please keep this in mind when this time comes. We are all working hard and as fast as possible to finish your home for closing.

Final Walk Through

The final walk through should be done no later than the day before closing. This process is for you to make sure the repairs RHB agreed to make are done to builder’s standards. Once you have walked the home and repairs have been made then you will be required to sign a final walk-through statement


Congratulations on reaching closing day! This marks the culmination of your journey to owning a stunning Reda Home. We extend our heartfelt congratulations and deepest gratitude for placing your trust in us every step of the way. Your confidence in our team has been truly appreciated, and we are honored to have been a part of this significant milestone in your life.


After closing and Warranty

The warranty stage will kick the day you close on your home. You have a 1-year builder’s warranty. You will be given a warranty packet that will explain what all is covered under your warranty. All warranty requests must be put in writing in an email and emailed to the warranty department at We ask that all requests be emailed so there is a record of what warranty requests are made throughout the 1-year warranty. There are specific people that work for the warranty department. This department is not based out of Reda Homes office. You will not be able to call your warranty in to any representative for RHB as they do not deal in the warranty department. Once the warranty department receives your email, they will direct the request to the proper contractor to make those repairs. RHB could send a representative to assess the repair before any work is started.

You have paperwork that is left in your home for appliances, HVAC units and possibly more. Those are usually left in your kitchen cabinet drawers. Please register your HVAC unit and appliances with the company brands they came from. Some may have extended warranties through the companies.

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